Why Q&E?

Uponor PEX Plumbing
The Uponor PEX Plumbing System is a completely flexible plastic plumbing and heating system adapted specifically for the UK market by Uponor. The Uponor PEX Plumbing system is manufactured to eN ISO 15875 and has WrAS Approval 1209073.

Uponor PEX pipe is approved for use with the secure Uponor Q&E fittings – a concept unique to Uponor. Already successfully sold throughout europe and the USA for over 40 years, Uponor Q&E fittings are available in a range of engineered Plastic (eP) for pipe dimensions 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 & 63mm. Uponor PeX pipe may also be used with Uponor’s range of compression fittings.

Uponor PEX Pipe

The Uponor PEX pipe offers benefits to both specifiers and to the professional plumber.

Key advantages are:

  • One pipe for heating and potable water applications
  • Pipe available in UK dimensions:
    16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm & 63mm
  • Smooth bore to prevent scaling
  • Choice of either the unique Uponor Q&E fittings or traditional compression fittings.
  • Choice of straight and coil lengths to minimize wastage
  • Available in pipe-in-conduit to meet Water regulations
Uponor Q&E Jointing System

The Uponor Q&E fitting is a tried and tested concept with over 75 million fittings already sold world-wide. The jointing concept relies on the unique elastic features of Uponor PeX pipe to give a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. A large range of plastic fittings and manifolds are available.

Key advantages are:

  • Quicker than soldering and suitable for immediate handling
  • Safe and no fire risks – no heat guns or naked flames are used
  • Clean – no messy fluxes are required.
  • Simple – no rubber seals or moving parts reducing the chance of leakage
  • Internal jointing – external pipe damage on site does not influence joint integrity
  • Pipe continues to contract onto the fitting after the joint has been made – increasing the joint integrity over time